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Veterans for Responsible Leadership formed as a result of a realization among veterans of all branches of service that our days of service continue. We are concerned with the lack of integrity, sobriety, and civility of many of our elected officials. We promote those values so as to develop and foster a nation and world of which we can be proud.




We believe in our national strength. America must have an engaged, active presence in the world and remain a global leader. We are stronger abroad when united at home.


We believe that America’s best days are yet to come. Together we can overcome the divisions and cynicism threatening our republic.


We believe that America deserves leaders who put principle before ambition. Our national interest requires honesty.


We believe that elected officials serve the people. Americans deserve thoughtful leaders who thoroughly consider the impact of their decisions and actions.


We believe that America benefits from respectful discourse. Civility is necessary for a functioning democracy where ideas are communicated and fairly debated.



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We believe veterans who incur injuries during service should have access to high quality healthcare for life.

We also believe the social contract with veterans should emphasize health and life, and not incentivize disability. Veterans are not victims.

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Veterans have skills and talents that give them a leg up in a competitive job market.

We support efforts to retrain veterans leaving the military for civilian employment and recognize that many veterans come from the areas of the country hardest hit by loss of manufacturing and trade jobs. Efforts should be made to incentivize this talented labor force to start businesses in their home areas in new industries.

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We believe in civilian leadership in our democracy.

Holding a political office does not require prior military service, but it does require sober thought when sending the nation’s youth into battle. We support politicians who demonstrate the integrity and rational thought necessary to be entrusted with the lives of our men and women in uniform.



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