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We've moved beyond election day, now let's continue the fight to restore the integrity of American democracy

Veterans for Responsible Leadership (VFRL) is a fully inclusive, nonpartisan organization whose mission is to uphold the integrity of American democracy from those who seek to undermine and subvert its institutions, the rule of law, and electoral system for personal or political advantage. We, like our military, hold a broad spectrum of political views. Yet we set aside those differences to defend the institutional and ideological foundations that underpin our nations’ open and inclusive political arena.

Now, we will help heal our institutions and keep fascism and authoritarianism from rising again in this country. VFRL brings to America’s political discourse the steady, respectful, and measured voice and actions that define great military leaders. We will use our voice and efforts to uphold the oaths we took to support and defend the United States of America’s Constitution and take to task those who fail to honor their oaths regardless of party or position.

What can you do?

Through your service, your patriotism is not in question as you challenge other’s positions. Stand up for the rule of law, Constitutional norms, and American values; engage in civil discussions with veterans and republicans on the fence; and contribute your voice and ideas to VFRL ad campaigns.


What impact can we make together?

While you act and organize in your communities, you will be strengthened by other veterans doing the same across the nation. As our voice grows, we will hold our elected and appointed leaders accountable for violating their oaths of office through their words and actions. At the national level, our voice is most influential when we address international relations, national security, service before self, veterans treatment, and taking on specific elected and appointed officials to task.

What do we bring to the table?

The US military and its veterans are one of the few remaining non-partisan institutions that still holds the trust of our citizens. We are still respected by the political right, and can use our measured voice to speak genuinely about the leadership our country needs in our elected officials. Our moderate voices are more likely to change votes and minds, both of veterans, and the citizens supporting us.

What is our long term vision?

By being this anchor in our communities and country, we will keep cronyism, corruption, racism, and authoritarianism from rising again at any level. We are in every backyard social gathering, town hall, and company. We will be legions of veterans standing tall in our own circles and communities where we will make the difference.



We believe in our national strength. America must have an engaged, active presence in the world and remain a global leader. We are stronger abroad when united at home.


We believe that America’s best days are yet to come. Together we can overcome the divisions and cynicism threatening our republic.


We believe that America deserves leaders who put principle before ambition. Our national interest requires honesty.


We believe that elected officials serve the people. Americans deserve thoughtful leaders who thoroughly consider the impact of their decisions and actions.


We believe that America benefits from respectful discourse. Civility is necessary for a functioning democracy where ideas are communicated and fairly debated.

The Pillars

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Strengthen and Expand Civic Engagement

  • Inform citizens about meaning of the oath and showcase examples of responsible leadership 
  • Ensure healthy civil-military relations and discourse
  • Engage in and support peaceful protest, while opposing violent protest

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Hold Elected and Non-Elected Public Officials Accountable for Operating within the Framework of the Constitution

  • Faithful discharge and execution of office requires protecting basic human and civil rights and liberties, stewarding the environment, and reducing civil tensions, rather than inflaming them
  • Preservation of the Republic requires that Public Officials support democratic institutions, observe democratic norms, and adhere to the rule of law

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Protect the Integrity of Elections and Americans’ faith in the process

  • Democracy requires voter engagement.  Public Officials have a responsibility to maximize voter participation, and should work to make it is easier for all citizens to vote
  • Advocate for the right to vote by mail
  • Monitor and stand against voter intimidation

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Protect the Non-Partisan Character of National Defense

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Support Efforts to Expand Public Service Opportunities

  • Public service is a core tenet of civic engagement
  • All Veterans have felt firsthand the rewarding benefits of being part of something bigger than themselves. This feeling is something that all Americans should have the opportunity to be a part of.

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